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Future Smiles

Before-After Gallery

Deep overbite and excess overjet with sleep apnea risk
A year and a half later, patient reports better smile and most importantly much better bite function and maintained airway from sleep apnea risk

Patient wanted to avoid jaw surgery and hoped for any improvement. Patient had thin gums with recession and wanted to minimize further recession. Dental midlines were almost 1 cm off and patient had minimal smile display.
2 and a half years later, jaw surgery avoided, patient reports life-changing smile and perfect bite function

Patient’s concern was front teeth stick out too far, and she tries to hide her overbite (overjet). She hoped for no extractions
Less than 2 years later, No extractions needed, jaw growth fully enhanced through treatment, overjet issues corrected

Patient hoping for no extractions yet severe crowding and good lip posture
Patient became more comfortable in treatment with the benefit of extractions in his case as they were not needed right away

Over-retained baby teeth. Severe overbite, overjet, and crowding.
2 years later and patient is no longer shy but rather very social, confident, and very happy

Skeletal open bite, tongue thrust habit, bilateral crossbite. Patient wanted to avoid jaw surgery and extractions.
2 and a half years later, open bite, crossbites, and tongue habit alleviated, and no risk to airway – We LOVE accommodating our patients!

TOP: Front and right side crossbite causing jaw (chin) to grow to the right of patient’s face.
BOTTOM: less than 9 months later, all crossbites corrected, teeth and jaw perfectly aligned AND centered