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We offer the most variety of braces in Guam. Explore below to see what braces may be right for you!

Self-ligating braces are unique in that each bracket has its own closure component built-in. You may have heard of other types such as Damon® braces. We use the world’s #1 AO Empower system for both the benefit of extremely fast alignment at the beginning of treatment and more control toward the end of treatment. Getting the fastest, safest, and most comfortable treatment are key for this top-of-the-line system: a win-win-win!

Dr. Paul is the exclusive provider of Iconix Aesthetic braces in the western Pacific region. Developed by American Orthodontics, these champagne colored braces offer the best of both worlds in durability and the aesthetics of “white” gold.  When combined with pearl ties, these braces appear clear like Radiance braces.  When combined with color ties of your choice, they give off a beautiful reflective glow.


Our patients have already fallen in love with the looks of these braces and they are already in high demand.

Clear or cosmetic braces optimize esthetics. Ours are made from pure crystal sapphire and polished to be exceptionally smooth, incredibly clear, and very strong. And they appear nearly invisible on the teeth even if you have clear or tooth-colored wires.

Future Smiles Orthodontics Guam

Are you looking for an alternative to other “fast” brace systems on the market? SPEED Braces have been on the market the longest, and have the most successful record of all the “faster” systems, while pioneering the same advantages as other brands with less potential side effects. This system, as well as our top-of-the-line AO Empower self-ligating braces, are the most used style accepted by the vast majority of certified orthodontists worldwide when providing you fast, safe, and comfortable treatment.

Our metal braces are smaller with a low profile, making them less noticeable and more comfortable than other metal braces. These brackets allow the teeth to move efficiently and with complete control. You will also be able to choose from a variety of colors – very fun!

Future Smiles Orthodontics Guam

Our lingual braces are offered especially to those who do frequent public speaking, photography shoots, or television appearances and are not considered strong candidates for other options like Invisalign®. Feel free to ask more about this very customized yet invisible system.

At Future Smiles Orthodontics, we have access to ALL of the highest technology, including orthodontic wires! Depending on your mouth’s needs, Dr. Paul can utilize any super-elastic heat activated copper-nickel-titanium wire that works with your body heat, nickel-titanium arch wires for memory movement, beta-titanium and the best stainless steel for complete customization to improve your bite, function, and smile! Some people also have allergies to different metals, including nickel. As an orthodontist, Dr. Paul can use the best wires for you and your individual needs.


Dr. Paul also keeps in close personal contact with some of the best engineers in the orthodontic world to ensure the use of proven technology that is state-of-the-art.  Combining his technology with his 22 years of orthodontic profession experience, you’ll know you’re in good hands!

Future Smiles Orthodontics Guam