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American Board of Orthodontics | Future Smiles Orthodontics Guam
American Board of Orthodontics | Future Smiles Orthodontics Guam
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A dentist is practitioner of general dentistry much like a general practice medical doctor.  An orthodontist is a specialist who went to 2-3 years more schooling beyond dental school to focus specifically on straightening teeth, aligning jaws, modify facial growth, and enhancing overall smiles. This is similar to a cardiologist who went to extra schooling beyond medical school to treat the heart.  It is always best to seek a specialist when available, hence why there are so many medical and dental specialties.

They shouldn’t.  Recent studies have shown that teeth actually move their fastest and more safely with LIGHT forces.  Tenderness or discomfort can be expected with only a couple different procedures, but overall your experience with us should be a comfortable one. Nothing should ever be painful or harmful.  Dr. Paul constantly asks each patient if they are comfortable!

That can vary depending on specific treatments. Generally, your regular visits can range from 4-8 weeks at a time.  We want to be convenient for you and your lifestyle!

The American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists both recommend AGE 7 for the first orthodontic check-up.  We can forecast growth and development issues as well as guide you on how to prevent other issues from showing up as more grown-up teeth arrive.  There is no age limit for adults as we can treat at any age depending on patient’s health and medications.

A big one people miss is ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) and other NSAIDs.  If you are taking pain relievers on a regular basis, please inform your orthodontist.  Bisphosphonates are another class of drugs that can inhibit tooth movement, as well as some recreational drugs.  It is always important to discuss your medical/health history with your orthodontist.

We offer several techniques and products to help you maintain excellent oral hygiene, which is essential for healthy tooth movement in order to avoid major issues like gum disease or tooth decay.  Poor hygiene can also lead to slower treatment so take care of your teeth and gums during orthodontic treatment and always attend your scheduled visits to stay on track!

Your orthodontist has many options in his arsenal to help you achieve efficient treatment in a timely manner.  Comfort is also key. Everybody wants fast yet safe treatment, so it is always best to fully cooperate with your orthodontist’s guidance.  That way, you can have the smile you always wanted in a shorter amount of time!

Yes! We love working with local dentists in achieving the best dental work possible for their patients.  Many of them utilize us (orthodontists) to help align jaws/teeth so that their dental work can fit better, look better, function better, and last longer.  Dr. Paul has even lectured to the California Dental Association on this amazing relationship your dentist can have with us.  Dr. Paul also worked with close friends who are general dentists in Beverly Hills, CA where patients came from as far as France and Turkey to receive this dentist-orthodontist teamwork in achieving the best results!

We can guide you on the orthodontist-transfer process.  Another major asset Dr. Paul has is that he has become friends with many orthodontists around the country and even the world! Tell him what city area you’re moving to and he’ll most likely have a friend who is practicing orthodontics there!  It helps that Dr. Paul himself practiced in the U.S. mainland for several years as well, which helped forge these great friendships.

Our FAQ’s page will continue to grow as more wonderful questions arise.  Also check out our YouTube channel futuresmilesortho for updates and other topics.  Dr. Paul will soon cover hygiene instructions, great orthodontic products available on the market, and research/clinically proven techniques used by him and his many colleagues.